The Batman Workout

Today, I’m going to share The Batman Workout!

If you plan on fighting crime in your city, you’ve come to the right place. 

We specialize in creating nerdy-themed exercise routines in our Online Coaching Program, because we like to have FUN with our training!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

How would Batman train in real life?
The Batman Workout Day 1
The Batman Workout Day 2
Exercises covered in the Batman Workout
FAQ for Batman Workout
How to train without a gym (Next Steps)

Alright, grab your cape, and let’s do this.

How Would Batman Train in Real Life?

As Ryan from GMB mentions in the video above, Batman needs to train for:


Now, a gym could be useful here. However, sometimes we don’t always have access to a fitness facility.

Maybe we’ve been thrown into some sketchy prison somewhere (thanks Bane).

BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t work out. It just means we have to focus on bodyweight exercises:

As we mention in our Guide to Bodyweight Training, you really don’t need any equipment to get a full-body workout in. You just need the right plan.

Let me show you what I mean.

The Batman Workout DAY 1

 The Batman Workout Day 1:

Squat Jump
Headstand Push-ups

Depending on your experience level, we can go with a Beginner or Advanced variation.

Day 1 – Beginner:

Rolling Squat Tuck-up Jumps
Side-to-Side Push-ups
Modified Headstand Push-ups
Jump Pull-Up with Tuck
Handstands Against Wall

Day 1 – Advanced:

Rolling Single-Leg Tuck-up Jumps
Exploding Push-ups (Standard to Wide to Right Front/Left Back to Left Front/Right Back)
Headstand Push-Ups
Ice Cream Makers
Free Standing Handstands

The Batman Workout DAY 2

The Batman Workout Day 2:

180-Degree Jump
Front Lever
Back Lever

Again, we can roll with a Beginner or Advanced variation.

Day 2 – Beginner:

180-Degree Jump Turns
Front Lever Hold with Tuck
Back Lever Hold with Tuck
Low Frog Hold

Day 2 – Advanced :

Single-Leg Jump 180 Degree Turn
Front Lever Hold
Back Lever Hold
Floating Frog Hold

Exercises Covered in the Batman Workout

Let’s now cover the exercises in the workouts found above.

#1) Squat Jump

#2) Single Leg Squat Jump

#3) Side-to-Side Push-up (Knee)

#4) Side-to-Side Push-up

#5) Exploding Push-ups

#6) Modified Handstand Push-up

#7) Handstand Push-up

#8) Jump-up Pull-up with Tuck

#9) Pull-up with Tuck

#10) Ice Cream Maker – Tucked

#11) Ice Cream Maker – Can Opener

#12) Ice Cream Maker – Front Lever

#13) Handstand (In)

#14) Handstand (Out)

For more here, check out our guide How to Do a Handstand

#15) 180-Jump Turn

#16) 180-Jump Turn – Single Leg

#17) Front Lever – Tuck

#18) Front Lever – Can Opener

#19) Back Lever – Tuck

#20) Back Lever

#21) Low-Frog Hold

#22) Floating Frog

FAQ on The Batman Workout

Let’s answer some of your questions on the Batman Workout.

#1) When should I advance on with the workout?

Once you get proficient at a level, go up one level for that exercise and work on mastering that within the workout.

Don’t try and jump up to the next progression too quickly. Focus on form and performing each rep as cleanly as you can. That is what will get you strong and help you master the moves. Be sure to:

#2) How many reps should I do? How long should I perform the holds?

Perform no more than 5 reps per movement for up to 3 sets.
Work on performing holds for 5 to 8 seconds per set.
Perform all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

#3) How often should I do the Batman Workout?

Give yourself at least a day of rest in between the workouts.

You can even add in sprints or intervals on your off days for extra stamina work if you would like.

#4) What if I don’t have a bar?

In the video below, Coach Jim walks you through what to do if you don’t have a pull-up bar:

For more here, check out How to Do Pull-ups Without a Bar.

#5) Can I wear a cap while doing the Batman Workout?


Get strong without picking up a weight

Maybe you hate gyms. Maybe you travel like crazy. Maybe you just enjoy exercising outdoors.

No matter your reason, You CAN build muscle and size or simply lose weight and get in shape with only bodyweight exercises.

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Alright, that about wraps it up for today.

Tune in for more next time!

Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.



photo source: ©rosinka79/123RF.COM, batman action figure

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